What They Don’t Tell You About Natural Birth

What they dont tell you about natural birth

what i learned

Having had 2 kids within such a short amount of time (only 13 months apart to be exact) I can tell you that natural birth is NOT for the faint of heart. It is unbelievably exhausting. Physically painful. Emotionally draining and the most beautiful experience I have ever had.

How are all those emotions possible at the same time? I don’t know! Let me see if I can explain a little better.


That heifer up there is me at the end of my first pregnancy. 23 days before my 1st son was born. My pregnancy was AMAZING (Don’t hate!) but my labor was… well how do I say this nicely? UNIMAGINABLY PAINFUL! (Of course, I did it all again and very soon but because as you get to know me you will see that I love, love, love children) Anyway back to what I was saying UNIMAGINABLY PAINFUL!

My labor started at 8am on Sunday July 24th, 2015. I was sitting in bed because I had just woken up and I really felt like I had to pee so I wobbled to the bathroom. I came back and sat down and felt a weird feeling. Not pain. More like I was about to get my period. Now I know what you’re thinking “Isleny. You’re an idiot. You can’t get your period if your pregnant” Well that’s what I felt! I said “Um I think I’m going to have the baby today.”

The look on my husbands face was priceless. He jumped up and was like “What? Why?” I explained the feeling I was having and we went upstairs to tell my mother-in-law.

Considering she has 5 boys I always asked her a million and one questions being that it was my first pregnancy and my mom passed away when I was very little. While I was going up the stairs I got the same feeling but a little stronger and knew that the baby was coming… today. I pulled out my phone and started timing my contractions with my contraction timer app. At first my contractions were about 45 minutes apart. Then my contractions were 20 minutes apart. Then 14 minutes apart. When we got to about 9 minutes apart that’s when everyone started worrying.

It was now 10:45 at night and I felt fine. I was not in any significant pain. I just felt a slight pressure/period cramp pain and was confused because everyone always told me that contractions were very painful. My mother-in-law was the first to suggest that we go to the hospital just to check me out just in case because the hospital was an hour away and we were cutting it close.

I however did not want to have to go all the way to the hospital to be sent home but my husband insisted and we all packed up and off to the hospital we went. On the ride over my contractions were definitely hurting a lot more. At home I was walking, wiggling, dancing, laughing to make the contractions less present and uncomfortable. In the car I was stuck in a very uncomfortable position and could not shake the pain.

When we got to the hospital (12:01 am) I got in the wheelchair (against my will) and they wheeled me up to the maternity floor. I thought the poor guy wheeling my wheelchair was going to faint lol. When we got to the room the nurse asked me to put on a gown and lie down so she can check how dilated I was. I lied down, braced myself for a still bearable contraction, and she checked my dilation. “7 cm” Silence. I said, “Um did you say 7?” She nodded. I was so confused. “This is nothing! I can do this! I don’t understand why women are so whiny.” She laughed and my husband said “Be careful. Don’t get too excited.”

I wish I wouldn’t have said that.

I went to the bathroom because I really had to pee and the nurse said “whatever you do don’t push”. I sat on the toilet and… nope, no baby came out lol. You were worried huh. Nope just a really painful contraction that was no joke.

I came out and looked at my husband and he grabbed my hand and walked me to the bed. Now at this moment my husband and I were alone in the room but my mother-in-law and my little brother-in-law were outside of the door just waiting.

The contractions kept coming. Each one stronger than the next. At this point I was exhausted. They put me in the shower. I walked around. I sat. I stood. I knelt on the bed. I jiggled. I bounced. I cried. It was just agonizing contractions one after the other. The only way to ease the pain was to yell out loud. Now I wasn’t yelling like “Ahhhhh someone help me!” It was more like a meditation yell. You know like when they go oooooommmmmmmmm oooooommmmmmmm. That’s the best description I got. The midwife came in and said “let’s check your dilation” I was finally at 10 cm. Time to push. (9:25am)

When I started pushing I wanted to die. I could not lie on my back. I was pushing sideways for a while until the midwife said “If you lie on your back it will be easier for the baby to come out” I remember thinking to myself. Really lady. Easier? Are you the one trying to push a watermelon out of your vagina? I DON’T THINK SO! Of course I could not say any of this out loud so I just listened to her. I got on my back. I put my legs up in the air and pushed. 10 minutes and 4 pushes later I finally pushed him out. (10:48am)

I could not breathe. I could not move. I was spent. I remember thinking to myself why do we women do this? This is inhumane. Then they put little Ricky in my arms. I took one look at his little face and there was the answer to my question. He was beautiful. Then I passed out lol. Like fell asleep. Not like fainted.

Moral of the story? No class, no advice, no amount of prepping is going to prepare you for Labor Day. I could only squeeze the crap out of my husband’s hand and pray to God that I survive it.

Did you have a similar experience or a completely different experience?

Comment below!

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