8 Ways to Maximize Your Time as a Working Mami

8 ways to maximize your time as a working mommy

Have you ever wondered just how difficult it is to juggle a full time job and a full time family? Wonder no more I’m gonna tell you! It’s hard.

That’s an understatement. Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to pound right out of my chest or I’m going to die of dehydration because I don’t remember to have a sip of water. Sometimes I wonder how other woman make it look so easy but regardless it’s tough.

Here are 8 tips to maximize your time as a working Mami!

Me and my 2 boys. Ricky is a year and a half and Elías is 8 months old.

Laundry. Try to tackle one load of laundry a day the more you are able to get done in small increments the easier it will make your week. Separate loads and tackle them one at a time once a day. With larger families this is obviously impossible. You would probably get behind with your laundry so prioritize your dailies (sheets, uniforms and baby must-haves) and leave larger loads for the weekend.

Bills. There is this wonderful new creation called Bill-Pay! For those of you that have not attempted to use it I strongly advise it. I used to have everything set up on automatic payments and it would cause issues with my account when they would take some things out on the wrong day. With bill pay you are able to setup the date it needs to be paid, or the day that you want to pay it if you are like me and like to pay things in advance. Set it and forget it!

Smart Shopping. If you are not accustomed to it it might take you a little while to acclimate, but something that will change your life is a grocery list you can put on your fridge. As you run low on certain items jot them down on your grocery list, which will be right in front of you as you close your refrigerator door, so you can plan ahead and get what you need at the same time. Be conscious of how frequently you use certain things so you’re not running to the grocery store every day because you keep running out. (Try to get a membership to a wholesaler to save money as well as time!)

Cleaning. Something that I have started doing recently, at my husbands request, is scheduling myself to clean one room at a time. We obviously have to “pick up” everyday because life with children is messy, but scheduling deep cleaning where you have to break out the Windex and Fabuloso can be scheduled to minimize stress and maximize cleanliness. Lucky for me there are 5 days in the work week and I have 5 rooms so weekends I use for meal prep! Which brings me to my next point.

Meal planning. This is the hardest part for me I think is being able to cook everyday and keep my sanity. I sit down on the weekends and make a schedule of what I am going to prepare throughout the week and use my handy dandy grocery list to be sure I have all the items I am going to need before I make my weekly grocery store run.

Technology. Schedule a specific time to use your “technology” You can get lost in social media so easily and before you know it your whole afternoon has vanished and you haven’t done a single productive thing! Instead decide to use an allocated amount of time to browse the web, work on your blog ;), watch endless YouTube videos or binge watch your favorite shows. My time is 10 to 11:30.

Important Calls. If you are a Mami of multiple children and manage your husbands schedule as well like I do, try to schedule a specific time throughout the week to make all of those important calls in the same day.

Fun Day. Although there is a lot to do and so little time, schedule a Fun Day! Don’t forget a Date Night with your spouse is essential to a healthy relationship and a family night to spend quality time with your children!


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