About Isleny Yuilma Erazo

Hello! I’m Isleny, creator of Just A Regular Mommy. I am a mother of two boys and wife to a wonderful man. I love to talk and I thought what better outlet to share my opinions with the world than through blogging? Right?

I am a full time working mom at a doctor’s office with a busy schedule and I am going to share what works for me in hopes that it can work for you too!

I have always aspired to help others so I’ve been involved in a couple of different groups to do that.

I was in charge of a youth group at my church and am part of a Non-Profit organization called Elite Inc., where I taught a theater class and even wrote a play! I’m creative and energetic…. and a people person and I cannot wait for you to explore my blog!

About My Family

I met my husband, Ricardo when I was 17. Love at first sight! (yes very rare I know lol) We met at our church youth group in Florida.

We were best friends from the start and our friendship evolved into the best thing that I have ever experienced in my life.

I have two beautiful boys, my one year old Ricky and my 8 month old Elías (Eli for short). So you can only imagine what a busy life we live!

We both work and we take care of our children. My Mother-in-law is such an amazing help. I don’t know what we would do without her!

P.S.You will see her here every now and again but she has asked to be kept in more of a ‘behind the scenes’ roll.

I am an older sister to two, my little sister Angelina and my little brother Matthew. I love them so much even though we are far apart. Soon we will be making our move back to Florida so tune into my Vlogs so you can follow us from here to there!



What Can I Do For YOU?

I started my Just A Regular Mommy blog with the intention of sharing with other working moms how to juggle work and home life without driving yourself crazy, while still maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with both kids and hubby.

I hope to offer you some advice and some comfort that you are not the only working mother out there that get’s overwhelmed with all of the day to day tasks that just never seem to end! I will give you advice and tips on how to manage your days and keep a strong and solid relationship in the process!