First Time Mom Advice

I was talking to my husband yesterday about how worried I was when I found out that I was pregnant with my first son and I was thinking to myself “man being a first time mom was scary” so I want to share some first time mom advice in hopes that I can ease some of your worries!

No. 1 Don’t Be Quiet

Forget everything you’ve heard about a quiet sleep time for your baby. I’ve found that it is extremely important to have noise since the baby is born. This helps you in the long run. Trust me. As a mom of 2 under 2 this is one thing I am so proud of. I can watch shows, listen to music or sneeze (my sneeze is just loud naturally) at anytime and not moderate the volume. When our first son was born in the hospital I kept the TV on for the majority of the time and when I got home I always tried to have some background noise occasionally. This will ensure that even if you take your children out with you to your parents house or a friends or a get together that when they’re tired they sleep instead of screaming at the top of their lungs because they are cranky or tired and cannot sleep due to noise.

No.2 Keep Baby Awake While Eating

In order to make nap time and bedtime consistent every day (as consistent as can be with a newborn) keep them awake during feeding time. It seems cruel because they are warm and snuggly but I used to unbutton his clothes to keep him awake. Sleeping and eating are the number one things that are good to try and control as much as possible. Don’t “schedule” feedings. Don’t worry to much about scheduling feedings. I did that with my first son and it did not work and only stressed me out forever. I learned the second time around that when they are hungry you feed them. End of story. As long as the pediatrician is checking his weight and he is gaining and/or losing weight properly then relax. Mommy-hood is hard enough without checking the clock every 2 hours and trying to make the baby eat when he is clearly not hungry.

No. 3 Learn the Cries

Little by little your baby will start to communicate through cries. If you listen closely enough it’s amazing how your mom instincts will kick in. There are several things your little one will cry for. Try these first before you start freaking out.

  1. Cold – If your baby doesn’t have socks on or is not bundled up.
  2. Hunger – Obvious reason but it must be said, Pregnancy Brain lasts a little while after you give birth, so don’t forget the bottle or breast!
  3. Poopy or Pee Pee – Check the diaper! Make sure you have diaper rash cream.
  4. Burp – Babies cry a lot if they are colicky or have a burp
  5. Sick – Check your baby’s temperature to be sure that they aren’t running a low grade fever if all other things do not calm them.
  6. Cuddle – If all else fails they probably just want to be held. You can NEVER spoil a newborn. Hold them!

No. 4 All Moms Have Opinions

Don’t listen to it all. Pick and choose what advice you want to take and trust your instincts. YOU are your baby’s mom. You will always know what’s best. Don’t doubt that! Give yourself a pep talk and always remember that we were made for this.

No. 5 Don’t Obsess About Germs

It is typical of all moms to be worried about germs and bacteria for a lot of reasons. In the first couple of months of a baby’s life it is important to be careful but it’s ok to expose your baby to germs. I remember when my first son put something in his mouth that had fallen to the floor and I freaked out. These things will not harm your baby! Relax! You do your best to keep them clean and protected but life gets messy sometimes.

No. 6 Write Things Down

You will not only be forgetful but there are a lot of things that come with mommy-hood and we need to be sure to always have a pen handy! From appointments to grocery lists to even some tips that you friends or family give you sometimes you’ll forget it. You can use the memo section in your phone too to be sure you jot down anything you find important or to just keep things a little bit more organized.

No. 7 Love your body

Last, but definitely not least, LOVE YOUR BODY! We were human incubator’s for 10 months and it takes a while for your body to get back to normal. Even if you do not get back to your same weight or pants size, WHO CARES! You are beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise. Your man will still love you for you especially after you’ve given birth to your biggest blessing. Love yourself, because you are a marvelous woman.

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