Body Shaming at It’s Finest

Body Shaming at its finest

So I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and I see a comment that my friend posts. I click on it and I cannot believe what I am reading. Talk about body shaming. She says…


It is a damn shame that there are people on this planet that have the audacity to speak like this to another human being. To those of you that still think “skinny” is the only way to be and have no filter, I say to you…

Who the hell do you think you are?

What gives you the right to speak to somebody this way? You are demonstrating your stupidity and ignorance. Who gave you a sense of superiority because you can fit into a size 1? In a world were selfies are so popular, many of us find ourselves taking 10, 20 even 30 pictures before we find the right angle and filter that makes us look thinner so we can feel better about ourselves. When did it become so impossible to post an uninhibited photo?

We are all so self-conscious now. We can’t wear t-shirts unless they are baggy (which seems to be the new style of t-shirt everywhere) or we wear a faja (I think it’s girdle in English? The thing that sucks in your fat lol) to hide the rolls. Don’t think that men don’t suffer from this too. My husband for example. He has always been so self-conscious ever since I met him. I am constantly telling him that he is sexy and beautiful and handsome and no matter how many times I say it he still only sees one thing. He never believes me. He was bullied all through middle school and parts of high school and to this day he still deals with all these insecurities and remembers all those jerks that had nothing better to do than to pick on him.

The real F word should be Fat. This word is so offensive and can cause even the most beautiful person to feel so depressed to the point of wanting to harm themselves in so many ways, anorexia, bulimia in extreme cases even suicide. We need to put a stop to this. Remember that on the other end of your comment (whether it be posted on social media, texted to a friend or said out loud) there is a living breathing person with feelings that is receiving your hateful words.

Speak up. Delete the trolls.

Don’t be that friend that just says “Wow you’re such a bitch”. Let’s stand up for one another. Easier said than done for some but it is necessary. This idiot that was just hanging out with her dense friend that bullied my friend is so infuriating. Who knew that we would be stuck in high school our whole lives. I thought we were over this juvenile behavior. Hiding behind a computer just makes you ridiculous.

The majority of times it’s not even your fault that people say these things to you. They are sometimes struggling from their own insecurities and don’t have enough sense to know that their words have meaning. It’s not justifiable, but sometimes people hurt others because they are hurting themselves. Don’t absorb the words that they say. You remember that saying “I am rubber and you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you”? These words cannot ring more true. Let those words bounce.

Special thanks to my bestie Maria for letting me share her story.

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  1. Katherine smith says:

    I’ll never understand why some people are complete A******!!

    1. justaregularmommy says:

      Neither will I. Ridiculous.

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