8 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Giving Birth

8 Things that I wish i would have known before giving birth

Things you should know

There are so many things I wish I knew before I gave birth to my first son. You can’t help but worry while you are growing a baby inside of you but the best way I found to keep my cool and not stress during my pregnancy was to be well informed about what is to come. Hopefully this helps you too!

No. 1 You Can Never Be Prepared for Labor. Regardless of how much you read about it and how many videos you watch you will never be prepared for labor. Try to inform yourself on the different methods of pain relief during labor and not so much on the labor itself. I was standing in the shower for 45 minutes and it helped me significantly through the heavier contractions. Moving, walking and dancing is the best way to ease your body from contractions to pushing and make your labor quicker.

No. 2 Your “Labor Partner” is Essential. Regardless of who it is (I was fortunate enough to have my best friend, my husband, with me) make sure that whomever is going to be with you this day knows what your birth plan is. A lot of Mid-Wives and Obstetricians will suggest not to worry too much about your birth plan and say things like “we’ll see how it goes” but I tell you right now, be confident with how you are planning to deliver your baby. The power of the mind is amazing and if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

What helped me so much was that I went through my entire pregnancy insisting I only wanted natural birth and NO MEDS all the way and amazingly with a lot of will power and perseverance I made it happen! Be conscious that in case of an emergency everything goes out the window, but your mindset is the number one thing that needs to be solid on Labor Day and your support system is there to be sure that your wants and needs are respected and you aren’t bullied into something that you don’t want if it isn’t necessary. You will forget everything you said while you’re in pain and having your support system there to reassure you and cheer you on is essential.

No. 3 Stretch-Marks are Inevitable. You will loose a significant amount of weight very quickly after you have your baby and those stretch marks will be very visible in the short time after your delivery. Remember that these are your carrier scars and you are beautiful regardless! They will in time fade and not be so horrendous I promise.

No. 4 What is an Episiotomy? Although episiotomy’s are no longer common practice you might tear. The tearing itself you won’t even feel because you are too busy pushing a baby the size of a watermelon out of your, you-know, but afterwards it is going to hurt. A lot. Why sugarcoat it? You will get through it though with the right care. Be sure you do not leave the hospital without your little squeeze bottle to be sure and clean the area with warm water after you go. Use cold packs to ease the pain and make sure you take the Ibuprofen as indicated. The stitches will dissolve on their own so be sure you only pat dry and try to get underwear that are soft to avoid more discomfort.

No. 5 Hemorrhoids and Bowel Movements Happen. Hemorrhoids are very common after birth and you will be terrified waiting for your first bowel movement but it is inevitable and holding it in is worse. Brace yourself because that first go will feel like your pooping glass but the more you go the better it will get. Make sure you have plenty of Tux pads and hemorrhoid cream and use them as prescribed. It will get better!

No. 6 Contractions and Pushing are Not the Same Pain. These two are very different pains. The contractions you can ease but the pushing is a burning and horrible pain. My advice? DO NOT forget to breathe and DO NOT clench your jaw. Poop the baby out! This is the easiest way to describe how you need to push. At this point all your inhibitions are down and you are not worried about whether you are actually pooping or not and the nurses and mid-wife/doctor have seen it all before they do this everyday! Our bodies know exactly what needs to happen. In the moment you will realize exactly when you need to start pushing your body will ask you to.

No. 7 Emotions are Unpredictable. You will have such a rush of emotions and they will not all make sense. Before and after you give birth your emotions will be all out of wack. Be sure that you have someone to talk to and make sure you talk to them beforehand so they can tell you whether you seem different emotionally. Watch out for signs of postpartum depression. We don’t realize it ourselves sometimes so it is important to have someone that is able to help you in this sense.

No 8 You Can Do It! Regardless of it all, you can and will do it! Really there is no other choice that baby needs to come out sometime! At the end of the day remember that you are a Woman and you have the Strength. God gave our bodies the task of childbirth because he knew we could handle it.


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