7 Not-So-Secrets to a Successful Relationship

We all aspire to have that “perfect” relationship, or at least loving and romantic. After all what’s life without love? Well I was researching some tips to a lasting and successful relationship and I made my own list of 7 things that you find in a successful relationship not in any particular order.



Express gratitude and appreciation. Always find opportunities to thank your partner for any little or big thing that they do. It feels nice to hear that you are appreciated, especially from the person you care for the most. This will help your relationship so much because as you are showing and hearing that appreciation it makes you feel valued and helps you realize how much you value your partner.



Listen to each other. It is very important to have a good line of communication not only by expressing your feelings but by listening to what the other person has to say. Sometimes this doesn’t necessarily require your ears. Body language can also tell you (being a woman I know that we sometimes don’t come right out and say what we are feeling sometimes) what the person is feeling. Ask how they are feeling and address issues head on. Successful couples fight skillfully (see my post on 6 ways to navigate through an argument without loosing your cool).



Talk respectfully to and about each other. Successful couples are always positive about each other. Never insinuate anything negative about one another. Not only is it uncomfortable for anyone that is in the middle of the particular conversation, but it is not healthy for your relationship.



Continue to demonstrate affection.  Successful couples never stop dating each other. I think that this is the reason why some women cheat. It is so easy to say you “fell out of love” with someone when you loose this part of your relationship. Dating is so important to the well being of your relationship. It is not difficult to find the time or plan things. Stop making excuses! Check out my previous post on 10 Romantic Date Nights on a Budget to get some ideas for dates that you don’t even have to leave the house for.




Accept that they are aging. This doesn’t necessarily go for older couples. Once you have children your body changes and some men have a hard time acknowledging that. Some women also have an issue with men as they start to get older they start to put on weight and hair loss becomes an issue for some. Remember why you fell in love. Which leads me to my next point.



Recommit, everyday. Love as well as marriage is a commitment. You have to re-commit to this person everyday. Whether you have reached the point in your relationship where you are married or are still nurturing a relationship or an engagement you have to make a conscious decision that your are committed and willing to give your all to your relationship. Your mind set contributes to rash decisions and ultimately your happiness in your relationship.



Show your love. Apart from dating be affectionate. Hold hands, kiss each other every morning and every night, be playful with each other. Tickling is a great way to laugh your way into a loving moment (as horrible as tickling is). Being in love is beautiful! Show your partner just how much you care.

My husband and I on our wedding day 04.09.15

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