10 Romantic Date Nights on a Budget

10 Romantic and Fun Date Night Ideas On A Budget

Have you been trying to think of what else is there to do with your date? Whether it be your husband, boyfriend or partner here are some great ideas for date night without having to waste your entire paycheck!


No. 1 Inside Picnic. Move everything to the side in your living room, get a big blanket, make your favorite food and voila! Indoor Picnic! It makes you feel like you are somewhere else but without the hassle of having to pick up and go to the park.


No. 2 Movie Marathon With Ice Cream Bar. Choose your favorite series. Iron Man? Harry Potter? Ocean’s? Watch them all! Well as many as you can and bring all of the ingredients to make your own ridiculously huge ice cream with all of your favorite toppings. Don’t forget the whip cream 😉


No. 3 Very Long Walk in your Neighborhood at Night. It might sound creepy but with the right conversation and a little hand holding it could make for a very romantic night. Try to talk about lighthearted things or your first date and reminisce on how you first got together. Quiz each other on the details and have fun!


No. 4 Ping Pong. Go to the dollar store while you’re out and buy a ping-pong set (or Wal-Mart or wherever) and find a scoreboard on your phone with interactive sounds and challenge your partner to a ping pong match! Loser does the dishes!



No. 5 Breakfast Date. Make each other breakfast in bed. Wake up a little earlier than you usually do and make a hearty breakfast. Sing the lyrics to your favorite song or feed each other if you’re feeling romantic. Don’t forget the coffee!


No. 6 Teach Each Other Something the Other Doesn’t Know. We are not talking math or physics but think or something you can’t do like drawing, a recipe, origami or a dance move. Trust me you are in for a lot of laughing.


No. 7 Make a Time Capsule. Round up all the arts and crafts stuff you have in the house and make a time capsule that you can open up on your 5th, 10th or 20th anniversary!


No. 8 Online Relationship Tests. Snuggle up on the couch or on the bed with your laptop or your phones and take some online couple’s quizzes! There is always something new to learn regardless of how long you’ve been together!


No. 9 Break a Record. Go to The Guinness World Record’s Collection online and try to break a world record! Even if you don’t actually break the record you’ll have fun trying.


No. 10 Be a Kid Again! Go to the arcade and play! You won’t waste too much money and you’ll enjoy yourself in a carefree environment. Or stay home and play video games.

Any suggestions I didn’t mention that you found to be romantic and inexpensive? Let us know what and where by commenting below!

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  1. Angelina Amadon says:

    Indoor picnic! I love that idea, gonna try it soon maybe 🙂

  2. Jeannette says:

    Work out/zumba together! Cook a meal or bake together! Go to a museum!

  3. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing let’s see if I can get my husband to zumba 🙂

    1. Ricardo says:


  4. […] not difficult to find the time or plan things. Stop making excuses! Check out my previous post on 10 Romantic Date Nights on a Budget to get some ideas for dates that you don’t even have to leave the house […]

  5. Cooking meals is ALWAYS a fun one to do together! Also, we used to constantly try to beat each other’s guitar hero score (on expert I might add) for Heart Shaped Box! 😂

    1. justaregularmommy says:

      Oh my goodness I haven’t played guitar hero in forever!! I NEED to connect it today 🤣👍 Good one!

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