10 Alternatives to Technology for Your Toddler

If you did not catch my Facebook Live last Saturday you can watch it by clicking HERE. We talked about the Pros and Cons to technology in our kids lives and I wanted to offer some alternative options that were mentioned and some that came to me internally after our Live video. I hope this helps you as much as it’s helping me! These are must haves for your little one, especially if you are a working mom and need some extra time to get things done when you get home from work.

Alternatives to Technology for your Toddler

Sometimes when we are desperate we don’t stop to think of simple things that our children are easily distracted with and can do for hours. As long as you find the right one for your child you’ll have found the secret to getting things done with your children are entertained and not with the television or your cell phone!

No. 1 Keep Them Busy Coloring

My son is obsessed with crayons! My walls are proof of that. Coloring is a good way to develop motor skills for our children. It is a great way to distract your child while you get a lot done. Whether you put them in their high chair or in a playyard it can help a lot to keep them in one place while you are getting to the dishes or cooking.


No. 2 Keep Them Busy With Legos

Legos are a great way to not only keep your little one distracted and entertained, but it also stimulates his coordination and helps with critical thinking. My son has Mega Bloks they’re big enough so that he doesn’t choke on them (because he’s at the stage where everything goes in his mouth) and they are easily washable! Check out this pin on 27 household cleaning tricks every parent should know that I found super helpful to figure out how to clean toys smarter not harder!

No. 3 Keep Them Busy With Bubbles

It still amazes me just how long a kid can go just running around chasing bubbles. This inexpensive Bubble Machine is so great to have your child ignore all technology that they are used to! Clear out some space in your living room while you fold clothes or work on your blog!

No. 4 Keep Them Busy With A Matching Game

This game is good for your child’s development because it helps their memory! Once they hit a certain age this is sure to keep them occupied for a while!

No. 5 Keep Them Busy With Fishing (Well… Not Literally)

There is this game Let’s Go Fishin’ that is so much fun for kids! It is sure to distract them because they have to concentrate to be sure they get the fishing rod in the fishes mouth! It is so exciting to hear them giggle while you are getting things done. They are happy and distracted and again No Technology!

No. 6 Keep Them Busy With A Blanket Fort

Find all the blankets you have to spare and build a fort. Throw in some kid friendly toys and woo hoo! PlayLand! Kids are so fascinated by the simplest things. Lucky for us!

No. 7 Keep Them Busy With Operation

This game will always be EPIC! Operation has always been such a stressful game for me! lol It also requires a lot of concentration which will ensure that you get enough time to focus on whatever task you have to get done.

No. 8 Keep Them Busy With Reading

Read! Read! Read! If your kids are still too little give them ‘Sight Word’ Books that they can play with so they can familiarize themselves with books! They are never too young! My smallest is 8 months and his favorite chew toy book is SOFT BOOK for BABIES

No. 9 Keep Them Busy With Puzzles

Depending on your child’s age find something challenging for them. Puzzles are a great resource and they have them for all ages! My little ones are still learning with Giant Floor Puzzles, but they have them for all ages so find one that’s good for your little one!

No. 10 Keep Them Busy With Singing and Dancing

Blast the music and have your children dance and sing! They are so full of energy that they need to release that energy somehow! Pick they’re favorite show or movie and get the soundtrack! They will have a ton of fun dancing to their favorite songs and you can record memories that will last a life time.

I hope this helps!

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